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It may seem strange to quote from words of the Pope spoken in another continent thousands of miles away from Greenhills. However they serve to remind us that while a parish is local it is also part of the Church community worldwide. The parish of today is also connected with the community of believers who for two thousand years have confessed Jesus as the Son of God.

A great sense of community has always been a characteristic of Greenhills Parish. Parishioners always had a great sense of belonging which in turn led to a feeling of responsibility for one another. As can be seen from the different sections of this website, committed involvement in parish affairs and close collaboration with the priests of the parish continues to make Holy Spirit Parish Greenhills a lively and flourishing community.

Another reason for quoting the words of Pope John Paul II is that I had the privilege of being present on the occasion of his address shortly after my arrival as a missionary in Kenya. In fact I spent twelve of my twenty years in Kenya working in Holy Family Cathedral and I am happy to link my two places of ministry though this quotation. In doing so, I also wished to stress the missionary charism of the Spiritans, [Holy Ghost Fathers]. We are a missionary congregation and all the Spiritan priests who have worked in the parish had also worked in our foreign mission fields.

I am happy to welcome you to our website, whether you are a parishioner of many years or only recently arrived or perhaps a visitor surfing the net. I hope you will find much of interest on our site and that you will return again for our updates. If you come across any errors or see that there are omissions, please get in contact with us.

As a parish may we continue grow as a community giving witness to our faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the Lord of History, the Saviour of the whole world.

Mungu akubariki.

[May God bless you; Kiswahili language widely used in East Africa]

Myles Healy C.S.Sp. P.P.

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