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Baptisms take place on the second and fourth Sunday of each month at 1.00pm (arrive at the Church not later than 12.45pm)

A child, through the Sacrament of Baptism, will become a member of the family of God on earth, the Church. By Baptism a child becomes a member of the parish. Through the grace of this sacrament the child will share in the very life of God Himself. This life is increased by the reception of the sacraments, especially Holy Communion, and by regular prayer.

The words of the ceremony are addressed to the parents, who ask for Baptism for their child and who are responsible for bringing up their children as good Catholics. They will do this mainly by the example of their own lives, by teaching them their prayers, and by going to Holy Communion with them.


Each child needs a new baptismal candle (available at the Sacristy) that can be kept as a memento, used on Birthday celebrations, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. It is expected that you make a donation to the Church on the occasion of Baptism

The Pre-Baptismal Meeting

Baptism is a very important event for the family that should be a memorable occasion for the family. It needs good preparation. The Parish has a Baptismal Preparation Team who meet with families before the baptism ceremony. They help parents to recall and learn about the baptism ceremony. The team will also answer any questions. This Pre-Baptismal meeting is generally held in the Holy Spirit parish church at 8pm and lasts for about one hour. Both parents should attend (without the infant to be baptised). God-parents may attend, as may grandparents or any others that the parents would like to bring along, as the event is very interesting and informative. This meeting, while important, is relaxed and informal. The program for the evening covers the following:

  • Why be Baptised
  • The Effects of Baptism
  • What Happens at the Baptismal Ceremony
  • What is the Symbolism of Each Step in the Baptismal Ceremony

A booking for the pre-baptismal course may be made at the meeting with the priest. Alternately, a member of the Baptismal Team will telephone to make a booking.

The Ceremony

1. The Reception


All present are greeted, the children are given their names, the parents are reminded of their responsibility.


2. The Liturgy of the Word


Reading from Scripture, followed by Prayer of the Faithful and anointing on the breast with the Oil of Catechumens


3. The Celebration of the Sacrament


The baptismal water is blessed, parents and godparents make a profession of their faith, the actual Baptism and anointing with chrism, the baptismal candles are lighted from the Paschal Candle.


4. The Conclusion


The Our Father is recited by all, blessing for the mother, father and all present.