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Our Priests

On First January 2015, a new Spiritan Parish structure has come into existence, involving our priests. The current team is 

Fr Michael Kilkenny CSSp: 087 9923755

Fr Roddy Curran CSSp: 086 3291336

Fr John Mahon CSSp: 01 4928532

Fr Isaac Antwi-Bosiako CSSp: 01 4509191

who will be responsible for Parish Ministry in the Parishes of Greenhills and Kimmage Manor.  




Previous Priests

The first priests to serve the parish were diocesan priests. The Parish was known initially as Upper Walkinstown and Cannon Flood was the parish priest. Two curates Fr Oliver Hanratty, C.C. and Fr Patrick Breslin, C.C. looked after the new church and the spiritual needs of the newly formed parish. The parish was handed over to the Holy Ghost Fathers, who came in October 1971.

Parish Priests
Fr. Patrick Smith, C.S.Sp., P.P., 1971-1978
Fr Desmond Byrne, C.S.Sp. P.P., 1978-1990
Fr Anthony Farrell, C.S.Sp., P.P., 1990-1993
Fr Patrck Cleary, C.S.Sp., P.P., 1993-1996
Fr Patrick J. Ryan, C.S.Sp., P.P., 1996-2006
Fr Myles Healy, C.S.Sp., P.P., 2006-2015
Fr. Raphael Annan, C.S.Sp., P.P. 2015 -2021
Fr Tom Flanagan CSSp        1971-1972
Fr Michael McGrane, C.S.Sp. 1971-1975
Fr Patrick Doody, C.S.Sp. 1972-1984
Fr Ciaran Shanley, C.S.Sp. 1972-1983
Fr Brian Carey, C.S.Sp. 1975-1980
Fr Andrew O’Toole 1975-1994
Fr Florence Lynch 1980-1990
Fr Thomas Basquel 1985-1996
Fr Patrick Cleary 1985-1993 (see above P.P.)
Fr Bernard Flynn 1991-1995
Fr Gerald Hasson 1994-2006
Fr Padraic MacDermott 1995-2005
Fr Peter O’Toole 1997-2000
Fr Jude Lynch 2000-2001
Fr Rodney Curran 2006-
Fr Richard Eneji 2009-2012
Fr Raphael Annan 2015-
Fr Tom Hogan 2015