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The Evagelarium

On the left hand side of the sanctuary as one faces the altar is the Evagelarium which holds the book of the Gospels. This is done in oak with two bronze pillars on either side representing the Law and the Prophets of the Old Testament flanking the book of Gospels placed at the centre. On the wall over the Evangelarium is a relief of St Joseph the Guardian of the Word with the child Jesus.

The Book of the Gospels which is kept in a place of honour in front of the image of St. Joseph, Protector of the Word. The hand crafted cover with silver and gold threads has the image of Christ the Pantocrator. This is a compound of two Greek words meaning “all” and “powerful”. Pantocrator was a title which early Christians gave to Christ. More loosely translated, the title means “Ruler of All” or “Sustainer of the World”. In the Eastern Catholic Church, icons were painted showing the Pantocrator and the image was known as “Christ in Majesty”. The icon on our cover shows Christ looking rather stern and serious, because he is being depicted as a teacher. This is indicated by the gesture of his raised right hand and the closed book richly decorated, in the other hand which contains the gospels. The Church has always had the greatest respect for the gospels. We have only to think of the richly decorated pages of volumes such as the Book of Kells as an example. So too, in many churches, the actual book containing the gospels is kept in a place of honour within the church and is carried in procession at the beginning of the principal Masses on Sundays and feastdays.

There is a great sense of unity between the baptistery, the evangelarium, the ambo and altar.


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